Where to get a passport photo

Are you planning a trip abroad, or is your old passport about to expire? If so, you may be asking yourself “where can I get a passport photo” and searching for the best solution. There are many ways to get a passport photo: you can go to a professional photo studio or retail store, or you can do it yourself at a photo booth. But did you know you can also generate your passport photo online, from the comfort of your home?

The best way to get a passport photo is online, because you have some big advantages compared to photo studios:

+ You are location independent. This means you can live in Thailand and you can generate a photo for your German passport according to German and international ICAO standards. In  most cases a local photo studio in Thailand will not know the photo guidelines for other countries. And in many locations, Continue reading

6 Essential Tools for the Globetrotter

Backpacker checking his phone at a small train station.Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go, but you don’t have everything you need if you are trying to leave home without these six essential tools for the globetrotter.


Named one of the 50 best websites of the year by Time Magazine, GetGoing optimizes the flexibility of the adventurous globetrotter. Instead of picking an Continue reading

Stranger than fiction: weird driving laws around the world

Winding skid marks on a straight roadTraffic laws are meant to keep you from harm’s way and ensure an orderly society. But in your travels you may discover some laws that simply leave you scratching your head. From restricting your right to allow a gorilla to ride in your backseat while cruising the Massachusetts countryside to facing a hefty fine for not properly stopping for animal herders in South Africa, there are laws on the books around the world that can simply leave you in a jam.

It’s important to know that although car insurance is required in most industrialized countries, it’s not the norm everywhere; for instance in Bolivia Continue reading