Feeling Exposed? Checking in with the TSA Full-Body Scanners

I recently returned from a business trip and went through one of the new full-body scanners at the airport. I was a bit hesitant to go through it with the all the recent news about privacy and health concerns. I was certainly wondering where the image of my body goes after it is captured by TSA agents. I was also unsure of what type of effect the scanners would have on me considering they do emit small levels of radiation. No matter the level of radiation, I would imagine that most of us would like to avoid it at all costs. I also tend to be a little late for just about every flight I take, so I figured the anticipated additional time it takes to go through the body scanners would not be good for me.

Much of the concern that arose around the Thanksgiving holiday last year was due to privacy concerns.  The full-body scan shows an image that is the equivalent of seeing the person through his or her clothes.  They are not naked pictures, but rather naked images, allowing the screener to see any objects on the person.  The images do, however, show body types and some level of anatomy.  Most people would likely be uncomfortable being identified by their body scan and would like the information kept private.
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