The problem with photo booths

A photo booth might not be the best way to get a high-quality passport photo.Several years ago my husband and I moved from Colorado to Austria. One of the (few) downsides to living in a foreign country is the annual pilgrimage to get our visas renewed. In  addition to a mountain of paperwork, we have to bring new photos every time.

In the weeks before our renewal appointment a couple of years ago, work had kept me pretty busy, and so the day before I found myself needing to rush out and get a photo. My visa functions as my primary ID, so I do like to have a decent picture, not the usual mugshot. I carefully touched up my hair and makeup before hopping on my bike for a nearby subway station, where I’d seen a passport photo booth. It was an unseasonably warm fall afternoon, but I managed to stay cool and keep my hair in order on the ride.
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Just Get Me to the Gate on Time!

An inexperienced cab driver turned a normal trip to the airport into near-disaster.It’s a given that the bloggers here at Pic4Pass love to travel.  What may surprise you is that our travel experiences aren’t always picture-perfect; after all, the more you travel the more likely you are to hit a snag along the way.  We have experienced quite a few –from missing a plane, ending up in the wrong city, or losing our luggage.  We at Pic4Pass have decided to share some of these stories throughout the blog; some our own and some we’ve been told by friends and family.  So to start you off, here’s one from my own “portfolio of disaster”, and keep reading some of my next blogs for more sad, but true, travel nightmares.  We hope these will help you avoid similar troubles during your own travels.

It was around 11 a.m. when I got in a taxicab headed for the Oakland International Airport in California.  I was coming from San Francisco, which is typically about a 20 minute drive without traffic.  I told the cab driver where I was headed, then sat back to answer a few Continue reading