Profile of a burglar (infographic)

Preview of infographic Profile of a BurglarBurglaries can occur at any time, and you probably understand that your home is vulnerable when you’re out of town. But just how much do you know about how burglars operate? For instance, what time do most burglaries occur (hint: it’s not in the middle of the night)? And how do most burglars get in? You might think it’s through a back door or garage where they can’t be seen, but the truth may surprise you! As a follow-on to our previous article on securing your home when you’re away, the infographic below provides a great summary of when, where and how burglaries typically occur. Know your enemy, so you can protect yourself!

Profile of a Burglar: Burglary in the United States Infographic
Thanks to our friends at Security Cameras Direct – Your Direct Source for Video Security for sharing.

Has anyone tried to break into your home while you were on vacation? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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      Most homeowners may not realize that they’re inviting burglars into their homes. Here are a few things to check that could attract the attention of potential thieves.
      Burglars look for several features, like thick or overgrown landscaping which provides cover when approaching an entry point. Trim plants and shrubs or move them to apart of the yard that is away from your house.
      If you have children, never let them leave toys of any kind lying around the yard.
      Expensive toys may signal more expensive articles inside the home—don’t advertise!
      While you may think this is common knowledge—many people don’t remember the simplest of safety measures.
      An overflowing mailbox or numerous newspapers can signal that no one is home.
      When you go on vacation, stop mail delivery and paper delivery for the time you’ll be away.
      Having the same lighting (either on all the time, or off) for an extended period shows that no one is inside. A criminal seeing this pattern in your home will target your house at a time when the lights aren’t switching on and off.
      The best way to avoid attracting a burglar is to install home automation. These systems allow you to control your appliances remotely. Plug your lights into the appliance module and you can use your smartphone to turn lamps on and off.
      Organize your home so that anyone looking through your windows cannot see expensive items—or better yet, use curtains or blinds to restrict spying.
      If you have your home security station hooked up near a window, potential thieves can see whether or not the system is armed from outside.
      Always check and double check your security system—and all the intangibles mentioned above that can help keep crime from taking a chunk out of your home.

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