Best sailing destinations to get away from it all

Sailing into the sunsetAny sailor will tell you that the worst day on board is better than the best day ashore. But even the saltiest of “old salts” will admit that an occasional excursion among the landlubbers does the spirit good. If nothing else, it makes a return to the sea spray and gently rocking motion even better.

Most old hands on boats are also always up for adventure. “Want to go sailing?” The question usually prompts more takers than there are bunks available for any voyage. If you’re planning the ultimate long-term Continue reading

Profile of a burglar (infographic)

Preview of infographic Profile of a BurglarBurglaries can occur at any time, and you probably understand that your home is vulnerable when you’re out of town. But just how much do you know about how burglars operate? For instance, what time do most burglaries occur (hint: it’s not in the middle of the night)? And how do most burglars get in? You might think it’s through a back door or garage where they can’t be seen, but the truth may surprise you! As a follow-on to our previous article on securing your home when you’re away, the infographic below provides a great summary of when, where Continue reading

Required documentation for traveling abroad with minors: what you need to know

Family waiting at the international airport terminalInternational travel is supposed to be an adventure and most people can prepare for the basics, but for parents traveling alone with a child, it can quickly become a nightmare unless proper documentation is gathered and prepared at the beginning of the trip due to new requirements to cross international borders with a minor.

Increased Vigilance Provides More Protection

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a rise in the number of child Continue reading