Where to get a passport photo

Are you planning a trip abroad, or is your old passport about to expire? If so, you may be asking yourself “where can I get a passport photo” and searching for the best solution. There are many ways to get a passport photo: you can go to a professional photo studio or retail store, or you can do it yourself at a photo booth. But did you know you can also generate your passport photo online, from the comfort of your home?

The best way to get a passport photo is online, because you have some big advantages compared to photo studios:

+ You are location independent. This means you can live in Thailand and you can generate a photo for your German passport according to German and international ICAO standards. In  most cases a local photo studio in Thailand will not know the photo guidelines for other countries. And in many locations, Continue reading

The problem with photo booths

A photo booth might not be the best way to get a high-quality passport photo.Several years ago my husband and I moved from Colorado to Austria. One of the (few) downsides to living in a foreign country is the annual pilgrimage to get our visas renewed. In  addition to a mountain of paperwork, we have to bring new photos every time.

In the weeks before our renewal appointment a couple of years ago, work had kept me pretty busy, and so the day before I found myself needing to rush out and get a photo. My visa functions as my primary ID, so I do like to have a decent picture, not the usual mugshot. I carefully touched up my hair and makeup before hopping on my bike for a nearby subway station, where I’d seen a passport photo booth. It was an unseasonably warm fall afternoon, but I managed to stay cool and keep my hair in order on the ride.
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