6 Essential Tools for the Globetrotter

Backpacker checking his phone at a small train station.Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go, but you don’t have everything you need if you are trying to leave home without these six essential tools for the globetrotter.


Named one of the 50 best websites of the year by Time Magazine, GetGoing optimizes the flexibility of the adventurous globetrotter. Instead of picking an itinerary and hoping for deals, travelers get to pick a handful of potential destinations. GetGoing looks for deals for those destinations and then advises the traveler where they should go.


A popular strategy among backpackers who need to stretch their budget to the max is to avoid paying for hostel rooms by sleeping on trains and busses. Thanks to CouchSurfer.org, thrifty travelers don’t have to buy tickets for the graveyard shift anymore. Instead, they can set up a profile on CouchSurfer.org and find hosts who are willing to give them a spot in a bed or on a coach. The cost of a CouchSurfer room is usually just a bit of interesting conversation and the promise that you will offer your couch to fellow travelers when you can. According to CouchSurfer.org, the site has beds in more than 100,000 cities around the globe.


Everyone has heard horror stories about having your wallet slipped out of your pocket as you sleep on a train or having your passport stolen out of your backpack while it is in a hostel. LifeLock reduces the damage caused by incidents like these. Travelers who know about LifeLock or other identity theft protection services understand how much protection this provides and why it is essential whether you are worried about pickpockets or digital thieves who might grab your details over a shared wifi connection.


Tripobox is an essential planning tool for group trips. Instead of fighting about where you should go and watching your group dwindle in size, you can sign into Tripobox and find deals with special discounts for larger groups. The tool also offers travelers a forum where they can chat with each other and send messages to hosts. There is no need to collect money from individuals either. According to Tripobox, you can book experiences together but pay separately.


Roamer lets the globetrotter stay in touch with the folks at home without spending a pile of money on roaming charges. According to Roamer.com, the app works in three easy steps. First, users install the app, getting a voucher for up to two hours of free talking. Then, they launch the app and park their number by forwarding all their calls to a Roamer number which has been created exclusively for them. Finally, they need to buy a foreign SIM card. Once those three steps have been completed, you can keep in touch with loved ones for half the rate that you would have paid without Roamer.


If you’re tired of staying on couches or just want to meet a few other travelers, it is time to pull out the WeHostel app. This app has information on more than 50,000 hostels in 800 cities around the world. When you put in your destination, the app pulls up a description of the five most popular hostels in that area. Now, you know whether you are headed to a funky party zone, a chilled out and beautiful escape, or a rat hole. By letting you choose your hostel based on criteria that’s important to you, this app also helps you to meet like-minded travelers.


What are your favorite travel resources? Please let us know in the comments!

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